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What is the Internet of Things (IOT)?

Hotmail launched in 1996. Facebook for the masses began in 2004. These typify the "Internet of people" era. Then, innovative technology focused on person-to-person communication. IOT, or Internet of Things explained in a nutshell is about device-to-device communication. IOT devices...

A complete guide to smart home wireless protocols

Smart homes deploy different devices to work together. This concept defines The Internet of Things (IOT). IOT products exchange information with other devices to trigger actions. To do so, they need to use the same smart home wireless protocols....

Ultimate buying guide for smart light bulbs

Energy efficient LED light bulbs with wifi are called smart light bulbs. Compared to incandescent bulbs, LEDs use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer. This article explains the benefits of smart LEDs. It also looks at how smart LED light bulbs can integrate with your home security system.
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How to prepare a bug out bag for emergencies

No matter how well-fortified your home is, disasters can still happen. To prepare for all eventualities, a bug out bag is essential. These are kits you prepare ahead of time for a fast escape from disaster. Learn about bug out bags and what to stock inside.
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How to make do-it-yourself hand sanitizer

Panic buyers are driving up hand sanitizing gel prices. Store shelves are empty. But to navigate public areas, you need clean hands. Here is an easy solution. Learn how to make your own alcohol-based hand sanitizer at home.

War against pathogens: how to sterilize and disinfect your home

Using sterilization, disinfecting and sanitizing tools can add a layer of pathogen protection to your home. Keep colds, E. coli, flu, and viruses at bay. Learn how to keep your home safe and sterile.

The best DIY apartment security strategy

Home ownership rates in America are on the decline. As more people come together in rental buildings, home security becomes a priority. The good...

Best non-lethal home security weapons

Home security systems detect intruders. In most cases a system’s alarm is enough to send thugs running. If your alarm goes off while you’re...